July 19, 2007


July 18, 2007


Aren’t I Pretty

May 25, 2007

April 24, 2007

Well,  I’m going to try and do this again. Again?

First time, one  minute ago,  uploaded, but I couldn’t write text in.

The image uploaded!!! Yes,siree…I actually loaded an image

from Flickr. OK, I give in. For now that’s the way I’ve decided

to go…and now  – drum roll please.

  • This image depicts how muy is feeling right now.Tired Angel
  • Yes, I am a tired angel. More to come………………


See My other Blog

April 23, 2007

for my ‘tail between the leg’ post   that is a follow up to the last post here. I can’t write another one and this one is only for images, as it states.. If this sounds  confused well, it’s because I am still ‘very’confused about the in/outs of this blogging stuff, but little by little I’m getting it. I have a lot of links on this page that I don’t have on the other blog, and cannot remember how I started them.

Another Attempt

April 19, 2007

Well, I really want to keep this blog up and running,- as the saying goes.  I’ve made attempts to simply upload my photos from my picture folder  on this  computer, but the dear ‘little window’ keeps popping up. URL space. No, I don’t want to have to upload them to  another site, in order to upload them from there to here………..Is anyone listening??????

So heregoes–NO this is not going to work. I will not take them from another place. I want to get them off my computer, can’t there be a ‘browse’ button like on other blog sites, photo sites. Please…